Out with the old.

Our former company name “Abraic” was originally an acronym: A Bunch of Russian, American and Irish Consultants: A.B.R.A.I.C. (Yes, we thought we were pretty clever.) Then, with grandiose plans for global expansion and a desire for corporate appeal, we slapped together a vague logo—which in retrospect looks more like an AT&T knockoff than anything with real personality. 

(Our old logo.)

Sure, the odd name presented some minor impediments: it wasn’t intuitive to pronounce, and it often autocorrected to Arabic. But hey, the url was available, the logo was benign enough, so it stuck. 

Until the day we realized it didn’t fit anymore. 

Over the years, we have spent significant energy cultivating a special culture, recruiting young talent with well-rounded experience, and pulling in senior managers with the standout leadership chops our clients needed.

Today we are no longer just “a bunch of consultants” loosely affiliated by common enterprise IT implementations. We’re a cross-functional team of extraordinary, disciplined, sharp personalities who support each other, continuously share lessons to improve on each engagement, and genuinely care as a matter of principle.

So, we decided it was time for a new name and visual identity to better reflect our spirit and broadcast our distinct talents. Our talented friends at Scratch Marketing + Media guided us along the rebranding journey. 

In with the new.

The rebrand was an opportunity to label ourselves with intention. Through the process, we were forced to do some soul searching, to get to the kernel of truth of who we are and what kind of people are drawn to us. 

One of the things our clients love most is that we always tell it like it is. Telling the truth when a high-stakes project is going south, or when a stakeholder doesn’t take bad news gracefully, can be hard for some people. But we know that transparency is critical for IT execution and it is a skill that has become one of our secret weapons for ensuring IT initiatives are managed effectively.

This basis led me to consider a fable I heard as a child about a humble peasant called Massaro Veritá.

In short, he represents an ideal of truth-above-all we bring to our client engagements. The hero’s name became ours.

Massaro is who we are.

The process also helped us define what we’re not. Not a body shop eager to throw people at a problem. Not a monolithic big 3 consulting firm. Not typical—we bring positivity and clarity to our engagements. We do whatever it takes, not just do what you hired us for. (Read more about what it’s like to work with us here.)

For our messaging and visual identity, we started with the insight that we excel at reinforcing and systematically supporting our clients without fail. Our approach is foundational and fundamental. We do the right thing for the customer, no matter what. We fit best with changemakers in enterprises who understand that IT can be transformative when implemented strategically, openly, and pragmatically—IT leaders who are determined to make their mark.

(Our new logo.)

The cube-shaped logo reflects strong foundations, strategic building blocks, considering many sides of a complex issue, and putting the right pieces into place. The pixelation is a nod to our IT roots, but the total impact creates a forward-looking, mind-expanding orientation and promises a white-glove experience.

Today’s Massaro reveal is like a graduation ceremony that signifies what we’ve already become. With it, we take a big step beyond gradual improvements and point-release iterations, and our shiny new brand now embodies what we’ve matured into. 

That’s enough about us. What’s really exciting is how this brand will reach out and touch the community of determined IT leaders we know are working on great things for their customers. And what Massaro will inspire from the up-and-coming talented professionals that continue to join our team year after year. This behind-the-scenes peek at how Abraic became Massaro is for old friends who were curious, and for those we’ve yet to meet, to get on the same page about the ideas we care strongly enough about to encode into our company’s DNA. 

But now, let’s get to work!