Derrick Taylor

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About Derrick

Derrick is responsible for managing Massaro’s internal operations & finance functions. He supports Massaro’s remote team of consultants by helping them collaborate efficiently and establishing and improving internal processes. As the founder of Reconciled, a small business financial services company, Derrick is well suited to manage bookkeeping, accounting, and strategic aspects of Massaro’s finance function.

Previously, he worked as an asset manager for a commercial real estate firm. Derrick graduated from Boston University with a degree in American Studies. He lives in Groton with his wife and three children.

Did you know?

Derrick loves to spend time with his family, enjoying date nights with his wife, and playing with his three young sons. In the small amount of free time, he enjoys reading and playing music.

As a dad, Derrick thinks highly of his own humor, and will often laugh at his own jokes. He has taken the responsibility upon himself to create punny nicknames for the Massaro team.

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