Keegan Butler

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About Keegan

Keegan believes a positive work environment is a requisite for a successful team. He works to develop meaningful relationships that allow him to offer a more personalized and enticing client experience. Keegan’s managerial experience in MedTech and analytical mindset drive him to deliver detailed results. He is always working to accomplish a win-win-win results and uses data to drive his decisions on projects.

Keegan graduated magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in advertising and a minor in Italian. He served as president of his fraternity, captain of the school’s ultimate frisbee team, and oversaw philanthropic campaigns that raised $15,000 for people with disabilities.

Did You Know?

Keegan is self taught in Italian (and still learning), has run with the bulls in Spain, and hitchhiked around Europe. However, when he is not globetrotting he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, training for Spartan Races, and figuring out how he can start the wave at a Red Sox game. 

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