Natalie Bourque

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About Natalie

Natalie is an Associate Consultant at Massaro, holding a degree in Managerial Economics from UMass Amherst’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She possesses a strong drive, along with innate creativity and analytical skills. What’s even more significant is her ability to establish profound bonds with individuals, enabling her to assess the requirements of a team. Natalie has accumulated experience in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors, which has elevated her project management skill set. In her previous role before joining Massaro, she gained experience in logistics and planning for a government agency. Additionally, she developed awareness in the Supply Chain industry by managing inventory for a small firm. This background has emphasized the significance of trust, adaptability, and effective communication in her professional approach.

Did you know?

Natalie is a freelance photographer. As a photographer, Natalie primarily shoots portraits, professional headshots, and events.  In her free time, she enjoys refinishing furniture pieces, tennis, and hiking.