Raffi Keleshian

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About Raffi

Raffi has been involved in managing teams from different backgrounds and effectively building solid dynamics between them from the beginning of his career. He has an extensive background in working with small to large organizations and implementing projects that increase the organization’s performance by using modern technical solutions. Raffi’s ability to learn new material and adapt to his surroundings permits him to thrive in accelerated environments with tight deadlines.

Raffi’s ability to analyze organizational practices allows for strategic vision, hence his ability to transform organizations of all sizes. He uses his detail-oriented skillset to ensure the quality of his work, and his team’s, is thorough. His years of capacity building experience enables him to provide the necessary skills to those who need it.

Did You Know?

Raffi’s adventurous spirit means he’s always looking for fun outdoor activities wherever he goes. He’s been a scoutmaster for many years and has been promoted to a commissioner at Les Scouts du Liban. He has been part of organizing multiple jamborees for more than 18000 scouts and has two beads on his Wood Badge Scarf.