P/Kaufmann is a private US-based designer and producer of textile products for home and commercial décor. Their preexisting custom sales process was inefficient, rigid, inconsistent, slow, and often required significant rework. The division president decided not to implement a new CRM system because of the current process’s shortcomings.

Abraic facilitated a series of Value Stream Mapping workshops to review the current state sales process, classify value- and non-value-add steps, and design a future state process. Abraic also worked with key stakeholders to identify and assign the required work streams to realize the future state vision within a feasible timeline.

Future-State Value Stream Map

Future-State Process Transition Plan

The exercise enabled P/Kaufmann to “cut the fat” out of their sales process and establish ownership of work streams to achieve the recommended future state.

Abraic’s collaborative workshops also resulted in optimized designer cross-training based on a competency matrix. This enables flexible, heterogeneous design teams to form based on demand and capacity.

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