Engagement Model

Transforming IT teams into execution and value powerhouses

How we work

We show up:
We adapt to your processes, your tools, and spend most of our time on-site.

We work as one:
We foster collaboration, cross-functionality, and continuous improvement.

We get it done:
We recommend and implement actions to put your organization on-course to maximize outcomes.

What you get when you hire Massaro

Relentless customer focus.

We always prioritize the long-term relationship with a client over any short-term gain. This promise guides every operating decision we make.

Unprecedented responsiveness.

We structure client engagements to be nimble and effective for the benefit of your business.

Always the right call.

It’s easy to make the right call when we share the same goals.

Stellar reputation for you.

Our customer-first culture enhances and supports your reputation.

Non-stop improvement.

We learn and share with each other and you to deliver a greater impact.

Our Methodology


We assess your operations and develop process recommendations and solutions that will work for your business. We also identify opportunities for early quick wins.

What’s in it for you?
Current and Future State Snapshot,
Risk Mitigation, Recommendations,
and Prototypes


Once we have agreement on the direction, we mobilize the resources, establish a governance model, and deliver quick wins.

What’s in it for you?
Prioritized Project Backlog, Tangible Improvements, Charters, and Teams


We lead the implementation of the recommendations and solutions, putting the organization on course to maximize outcomes from your investment.

What’s in it for you?
Goals, Project Reporting, and Projects/ Initiatives Delivered

Our unbeatable recipe for success

Our iterative client engagement model – inspired by the I.D.E.A. Loop framework for short delivery cycles.