Giving Back

At Massaro, we draw inspiration from a timeless fable of honesty and integrity. The story of Massaro Verità, a humble farmer who never told a lie, serves as a guiding light for our consulting practice. Just as Massaro Verità upheld the truth in all his dealings, we at Massaro, are committed to delivering honest, transparent, and transformative solutions with lasting impact to our partners. Our work is not just about achieving results; it’s about fostering authentic leadership, driving positive change in the world, and giving back to our community.

Mission: To mobilize low-income workforce members to better compete for living-wage jobs through affordable car ownership.

Challenge: Struggling with data management, Second Chance Cars faced inefficiencies in its online applicant qualification process.

Solution: Massaro embarked on a journey to revamp Second Chance Cars’ data management systems. Through meticulous analysis and close collaboration with the organization’s team, we designed and implemented a custom database infrastructure. This included an interactive set of sheets within Google Forms and a user-friendly dashboard, providing real-time visibility into critical operational processes.

Lasting Impact: By optimizing data collection and reporting mechanisms, Massaro enabled Second Chance Cars to streamline operations and focus more resources on their core mission of providing opportunities for disadvantaged individuals. The improved efficiency empowered the organization to scale its impact and serve more individuals in need.

Mission: To support adult learners to become excellent educators, versed in the concepts and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, skillful in the use of Montessori materials and curriculum, and eager to continue their personal growth through professional development and sharing within the community of their peers and instructors

Challenge: METTC, a non-profit Montessori education program, sought guidance in defining its strategic direction in a rapidly evolving educational landscape.

Solution: Massaro facilitated an offsite workshop, leveraging our expertise in strategic planning and project management. Through in-depth research and dynamic discussions, we guided METTC’s leadership team towards defining clear objectives and charting a path towards sustainable growth.

Lasting Impact: By empowering METTC with a strategic direction, Massaro positioned the organization for future success. METTC now has greater alignment and actionable initiatives to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-changing education sector. Our ongoing support ensures that METTC continues to thrive and make a lasting impact on the lives of students and educators.

Mission: To enable children and adults with Autism to function with the greatest possible productivity and independence in the community, home, and workplace throughout their lives.

Challenge: Nashoba Learning Group (NLG) implemented a new accounting system but struggled to fully leverage its capabilities, impacting the efficiency of its operations.

Solution: Massaro conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand NLG’s specific needs and challenges. We then executed a tailored roadmap, including software configuration, report generation, and staff training, to optimize the functionality of the accounting system.

Lasting Impact: By partnering with Massaro, NLG was able to unlock the full potential of its accounting system, freeing up valuable time and resources. Staff members could now focus more on their core mission of providing exceptional educational services to children with autism.