Always together.

Always connected.

At Massaro, we believe in the power of coming together to exchange ideas, build friendships, and celebrate achievements. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse array of events we host throughout the year.

While our events are invite-only, we love welcoming new faces that share our passion for innovation and collaboration with authentic leaders. If you’re interested in learning more about our events or attend one, please reach out to us at

External Events

01 Executive Networking Dinners
02 Offsite Networking Events
03 Summer Event
Our Executive Networking Dinners bring together top executives in an intimate setting, fostering valuable discussions and connections.
With workshops and discussions tailored for C-suite executives, these gatherings offer a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders in diverse locations.
This exclusive networking adventure brings Massarans and executives together for a memorable journey across scenic waters.

Internal Events

01 Verita Day
02 Lunch Cooked by CEO
03 Cuisine Night
Experience the heart of Massaro at Verita Day, our biannual company-wide event. From workshops and team-building activities to company updates and insights from our customer(s). It’s a day dedicated to fostering unity, shared vision, and most importantly, having fun.
Once a month, our CEO graciously opens his home to the company, treating us to a homemade lunch.
Once a quarter, one of our talented team members showcases their culinary skills, treating us to a delightful evening of food and camaraderie.