The Masters
Of Massaro

Not your typical IT management consulting firm

We know how to present ideas in black and white. Clients have no time to gather all the facts and create a convincing deck to promote an idea.

Mikhail Papovsky, Head of Massaro

Meet the Massaro Experts

Mikhail Papovsky

James Bowen

Rahul Krishnan

Emily Agoglia

Alex Alaev

Andrey Alekseyev

Jinny Choi

Anyel Albury

James Healey

Jimmy Henry

Dan Hopmans

Chris Kondracki

ChiChi Lu

Deirdre Martyn

Julie Mortimer

Suzette Spitzer

Chris Stournaras

Derrick Taylor

We are complexity wranglers.

Anyone can make things more complicated. It takes craftsmanship to mold an elegant new process or solve a sticky problem.

We think like you do.

We want to deliver the full promise of success. To make your organization fundamentally better. To make your transformation the gold standard for all future projects.

We create a better experience.

Infuse positivity and a problem-solving attitude into your culture. Morale boost included, free of charge.

We are transparent like you’ve never seen before.

Some say to a fault. You’ll get sincerity and clarity – the only way you can make sound decisions.

We are technology- and methodology-agnostic.

This makes us blissfully independent. You’ll never get a slanted view of the world from us. It’s pragmatism above all else.

We play really well with others.

Change only happens through people, and influence is an art. We listen first, and push when we need to. We bring the right attitude to work every day.