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Mikhail Papovsky is a visionary leader in management consulting, celebrated for his innovative, partnership-based delivery approach. With a career spanning operations, IT, strategy, and business development, Mikhail excels as a transformative leader. He’s adept at building teams that deliver tangible results and advance organizations towards their visions.

In 1996, Mikhail founded Abraic, now Massaro, dedicated to optimizing technology investments. His deep understanding of applications and operations aligns business value with technology solutions for seamless strategy execution. Proficient in managing diverse, large-scale projects, his leadership shines in ambitious high-risk initiatives.

Beyond his professional career, Mikhail has also made significant contributions to his community. He is an active member of SIM Boston, having spoken on several panels and regional conferences, sharing his insights and expertise with the leadership community. Additionally, Mikhail is a member of the OIM Executive Advisory Council at UMASS Amherst for the Isenberg School of Management. In this advisory role, he helps shape curriculum that aligns with the evolving needs of businesses and ensures that future executives are equipped to excel in a fast-changing business world.

Mikhail is not only a seasoned professional but also a committed advocate for nurturing the next generation of leaders in both business and the community. He actively mentors experienced professionals through the Regional Leadership Forum, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience to empower them in their careers. In addition, Mikhail dedicates a significant portion of his time to championing diversity programs like Hack.Diversity and YearUp. Through these initiatives, he plays a crucial role in preparing newcomers for internships and entry-level positions, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. Mikhail’s commitment to these programs underscores his dedication to building a more inclusive and thriving society.

Outside the boardroom, Mikhail indulges in his passions, which extend far beyond his professional life. He is not only an avid enthusiast of soccer, hiking, running, cooking, poker, world travel, and wine tasting, but has also actively contributed to fostering a sense of community through these interests.

One of his notable achievements is co-creating an adult soccer league, which has now grown to over 250 members. This league serves as a weekly gathering point, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, all united by their shared love for soccer. Mikhail’s dedication to growing the league reflects his commitment to building connections and fostering a sense of unity within the community, transcending boundaries and backgrounds.

Mikhail Papovsky embodies the essence of successful win-win relationships with a diverse set of stakeholders, and his multifaceted journey continues to inspire and empower both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

You can read Mikhail’s published work on CIO.com and Forbes Business Council.

Mikhail also served as an Independent Director for Palladium, a global consulting firm focused on strategy execution.

Did you know?

Mikhail enjoys soccer, hiking, running, cooking, poker, world travel, and wine tasting. In fact, he holds a degree in wine tasting and has been inducted as a wine knight in Vouvray, France.

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