Crane Currency is one of the oldest manufacturers of paper products in the US, providing material for the production of currencies around the world.

The organization was running an ERP package that hadn’t been updated in 15 years, despite numerous improvements released by the software manufacturer. Over that period of time, Crane’s business practices and technological needs had also changed. The asset was no longer providing value to internal or external customers.

Abraic was asked to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the system which resulted in the recommendation of two initiatives:

  1. Continuous Improvement Program to methodically enhance the system over time so that it can meet the needs of the business.
  2. Center of Excellence to drive the use of the software and set priorities for improvements.

The Abraic team facilitated the definition of the scope, charter, and ownership for each initiative.

During the assessment, a number of short- and long-term improvements were identified and documented in the form of a roadmap. Abraic continued on to manage the implementation of the first few projects on the roadmap before handing off the ongoing continuous improvement efforts back to internal resources.

“Consulting firms rarely combine both great vision and an ability to executive. Abraic is unique because they’ve been able to consistently deliver both to us.”

CIO of Crane Currency

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