Technology Ownership

The Game-Changer for Growing Businesses

Growing businesses depend on technology more than ever.

But too often blind spots arise posing unnecessary risks to the business. Without technology leadership, decisions about where to invest and how to optimize mission-critical technologies go unaddressed resulting in efficiency hurdles that affect revenue, lower client satisfaction, and potential exposure of sensitive data.

“Most businesses are vulnerable to threats they cannot even see”

We hear you.

If you don’t have an in-house technology expert because… “It’s too expensive,” It’s not what we do,” or “We’ve survived this far without it,” we hear you. It’s true, hiring a full-time CIO can be expensive and unwarranted; however, without ongoing guidance and a roadmap for the future, most businesses are vulnerable to threats they can’t even see, and at the same time are missing opportunities to be beat competitors and operate more cost-effectively.

Get Dedicated Technology Leadership to Ensure Your Business
Keeps Growing Strong

Figuring out how to lead the management of complex and expensive technology decisions is no longer a problem. Let us “own it” for you. We fill the gap by bringing a dedicated team of technology planners and doers to your specific situation. Our team becomes your team, ensuring your technology strategy efforts are always working towards generating maximal value for your business.

We take three critical steps to make this happen:

Step 1

Capture your current technology state to determine the most pressing issues and opportunities.

Step 2

Create a roadmap with specific technology initiatives to improve how your business spends and competes with technology.

Step 3

Provide ongoing guidance and facilitation to ensure a steady course and results towards the technology roadmap.

What our clients are saying

Our clients enjoy creating much-needed progress and regaining peace-of-mind. The business outcomes are undeniable and include:

Reduced cost by assessing, renegotiating, and optimizing the money spent on vendors, applications, and more

Reduced exposure by implementing required security practices & policies to protect your business’ future

Increased efficiency by reducing waste and pain points within business critical technology areas

Improved customer satisfaction by providing a modernized and efficient technological experience

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have said.


In two weeks, Massaro partnered with our team and delivered a comprehensive view of our technology costs, blind spots, and opportunities. This assessment will be very helpful as we target strategic actions to further protect our firm’s data and ensure efficiency across all aspects of our operation.”

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

“Massaro’s team analyzed our pressing challenges, seamlessly integrated with our team, and rapidly delivered solutions that improved how we were accessing our financial data and managing our key financial processes. Overall, Massaro makes it happen by bringing great team players who are laser focused on getting things done, solving the right problems, and building capability within your business”

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