Of all the posts published in 2017 on the Abraic blog, here were the 10 most popular:

#10. The $12,000 Porsche: A Critical Lesson in IT Project Cost Control
It’s tempting to opt for a low-cost IT solution, but buyer beware. If you don’t invest up front, you’re signing up for way more than the list price. (Read more.)

#9. PM Pointers: A “Needy” Team Member Is a Project Risk
When a PM genuinely cares about team members, they can achieve extraordinary results. But what do you do when some team members need more TLC than others? Part 1 of a 5-part series. (Read more.)

#8. IT Must Sacrifice Pride of Ownership for Innovation’s Sake
Effective IT leaders rise above “pride of ownership” and let the business take credit for innovations to ensure they are accepted and funded appropriately. (Read more.)

#7. Change Management: 3 Success Factors for Faster Buy-In
How to generate widespread buy-in for your IT initiative: 1) communicate the vision, 2) identify the “WIFM”, and 3) ensure quality. (Read more.)

#6. How to Cancel a Failing IT Project
Canceling a dead-end IT project is not easy. But with enough data and a well-executed process, it can be done in a way that sets you up for future success. (Read more.)

#5. The 4 Most Important Skills for an IT Project Manager
Organizations, methodologies, & people may change, but a PM can always rely on 4 key skills to steer a project to a successful outcome. (Read more.)

#4. 5 Risk Tolerance Considerations for Project Managers
There are 5 project components that consistently warrant a dedicated risk tolerance discussion between the project manager and stakeholders: the steering committee, the change control process, the testing phase, the issues escalation process, and communication. (Read more.)

#3. Running an Effective Fit/Gap Analysis
A Fit/Gap analysis requires consistent communication, the right people, proper oversight, and a solid methodology. Try this 10-step Fit/Gap analysis plan. (Read more.)

#2. 10 Ingredients of a Successful User Acceptance Test
An effective User Acceptance Test phase allows your IT project to go live with minimal friction. All it takes is right UAT plan, criteria, and execution. (Read more.)

#1. Improving Business Processes: How to Run a Value Stream Mapping Workshop
IT organizations can facilitate business processes improvements with Value Stream Mapping. Here’s how to run a VSM workshop and the expected outcomes. (Read more.)

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