I’ve come across a few good resources that will be helpful as you navigate your own Digital Transformation journey. More on this in the coming months, but in the meantime:

The Why

McKinsey’s The Case for Digital Reinvention covers:

1. The relationship between digitization and performance pressure
(“When companies respond to digitization assertively and across multiple dimensions, they improve performance.”)

2. Where to make your digital investments (“Products and services are more digitized, supply chains less so.”)

3. Why the winners are winning

The How

HBR’s 5 Ways to Help Employees Keep Up with Digital Transformation are:

1. Commit from the Top.

2. Give Employees Direct Access to Consumers.

3. Help Employees Embrace Agility.

4. Invest in “Employee Experience Design.”
(Related from the Abraic Blog: When New Technology Causes Productivity to Plummet)

5. Invest in Lifelong Learning.

Both pieces are worth the read. Enjoy!