Intense media coverage makes it seem as though digital is taking over the world and traditional companies are doomed to become obsolete. If you are not confident with your digital strategy and where you stand among your peers, this exaggerated buzz might be daunting. As Mikhail Papovsky, Abraic founder and CEO, concluded at SIM Connect Live in Dallas, the sky is not falling but changes are needed.  Adopting an unemotional, pragmatic approach to digital transformation will allow every organization to survive and prosper.

To support this and offer advice from leading CIOs, Abraic sponsored an in-depth market study conducted by Bennett-Frank Associates, titled “From the Front Line: CIOs’ perspectives on Digital Transformations.” The study is comprised of interviews of 50 CIOs from a broad range of industries and company sizes regarding the current state of their digital transformations.

Learn how these leaders view the state of digital transformation, obtain insight into your progress relative to your peers, and attain helpful advice on how to thrive in this digital age, click to obtain the full study: CIOs’ Perspectives on Digital Transformation.